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Your First Visit

When you arrive for your complimentary consultation, Dr. Adam will perform a comprehensive oral exam. He will then address your diagnosis and treatment options for the custom smile you have always dreamed of! Once the consultation is finished, you will have all of the information necessary to start your treatment!

New Patients
Our Goals

Make your drawings come to life!

At Orthodontic Design company in Madison, we want to create a memorable and positive experience for all of our patients. Our youngest patients will love to play Draw Alive, an interactive drawing game. Kids take turns drawing and coloring their favorite creatures, these are then scanned and turned into an animation. Watch your children’s dreams come alive while making memories at Orthodontic Design Company.


Financial & Insurance Information

If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment to perfect your smile, you’re not alone. Many prospective patients find themselves facing the question of how to finance this life-changing investment. While some patients may prefer to pay the full cost upfront, others opt for a more manageable payment plan. At our practice, we understand that financing plays a crucial role in your decision-making process, which is why we strive to offer flexible options to ensure you can begin treatment without unnecessary financial burden.

When it comes to financing orthodontic treatment, one common concern revolves around the interest rates and the additional cost it may incur. We are proud to say that we offer financing plans with 0% interest. This means that you can spread out the cost of your treatment over a certain period without any interest being charged. This allows you to focus solely on achieving that beaming smile you’ve always desired, without worrying about added expenses.

Typically, patients who choose to finance their orthodontic treatment opt for a combination of an initial payment and monthly installments over the course of their treatment time. This initial payment enables you to make a dent in the total cost, making your monthly payments more manageable. By dividing the remaining balance into affordable monthly installments, you can chip away at the cost of treatment while enjoying the benefits of a beautiful smile.

At our practice, we recognize that a smile is not just an investment; it is a priceless asset that can boost your self-confidence and transform your life.


We accept most insurances and we are happy to file that insurance for you. If you do have insurance please provide us with your insurance information so we can verify your benefits and make sure you get your full benefit to reduce your financial investment.